📝Chrissy Gertel


The OLD Unhappy Me!
From 238 to 140

Almost three months ago, I weighed in at a whopping 238lbs.

My doctor was extremely concerned about my health and gave me some warnings.

Today, however, I stepped onto the scale and saw that I had managed to shed 98lbs.


When my doctor saw this, he was very proud of me and it brought tears to my eyes.


I was reminded of my journey that included eating healthy and walking 4 miles a day.

Yet, I only managed to lose 2lbs after three weeks.


I had given up hope that anything would ever work for me

until my friend Mary shared a startling revelation:

“The liver is a key factor in determining how our food intake is used, whether as energy or stored as fat.”

She then introduced me to a mediterranean ritual that helps optimize the liver function,

allowing more of the food we eat to be used as energy and increasing our metabolic rate and fat burning.

I was amazed after watching a presentation about the results of this ritual.


So happy!

I didn't think that my life could change, but after only three months of using this simple mediterranean ritual,

I have become a "new me"

after I learned how to optimize liver function by this simple mediterranean ritual..

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